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Slate is your delivery system for ORIGO's online resources. All resources available on Slate are listed below. 

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Slate Resources

 ORIGO Stepping Stones
This core program is delivered online allowing differentiated learning and many other ORIGO resources to be integrated into the lessons.
ORIGO Stepping Stones Staticware
Digital artwork and diagrams for each session in the Stepping Stones program to save you time in the classroom.
Expert professional learning sessions to help you develop deeper understanding in the classroom. There are over 70 sessions currently available. View sample clips here.
Access all 600 puzzles in Grades 1–6 with the option to progressively reveal all hints, clues, and answers through an easy-to use interface ideal for group and independent work. See the puzzles in action here.

ORIGO Big Book Teaching Tools
ORIGO Big Books are large-format storybooks perfect for introducing a range a of mathematical concepts to young students. See an online sample here. These Teaching Tools allow students to interact with the characters to develop the concepts from all 24 titles.

ORIGO Big Book Teacher's Notes  
ORIGO Big Books are further supported by these free Teacher's Notes: activities that build on learning and are full of ideas to best utilise the Teaching Tools

The dynamic Flare teaching tools cover all major content areas for Grades K–7.  Read more about Flare here.

Fundamentals Game Boards
Over 90 engaging game boards for developing and reinforcing number and mental computation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Ideal for whole-class, student pairs, and home practice applications for students in Grades K to 6. Read more about Fundamentals Game Boards here.
Honey Pot
Access to ORIGO's Honey Pot channel within Slate which is a FREE ever growing bank of blackline masters. This channel if FREE to anyone with a Slate account and can still be accessed after you 30-day visitor pass has ended.
Stepping into Financial Literacy
Stepping into Finacial Literacy builds students' capabilities to make informed decisions with their financial resources. Delivered online, it provides K-5 educators with comprehensive lessons for teaching money management. One activity per grade level is available in you 30-day visitor pass. 
ORIGO STaRT challenges students to explain, analyze, and justify their thinking thereby promoting students' engagement in the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Each task allows students to apply the mathematics that they are learning to solve real mathematical problems. Two investigations per grade level are availble in your 30-day visitor pass.