Professional Learning

ORIGO Education provides dynamic professional learning to help teachers create meaningful learning experiences for their students. Professional learning sessions are delivered by curriculum and content specialists while video content is embedded within the Stepping Stones Florida program.

Embedded Professional Learning
ORIGO MathEd Instructional Videos

Select from our library of key topics in elementary math education. Short sessions explain instructional strategies designed to deepen content understanding and easy-to-follow facilitator notes guide peer collaboration.

Steps in Action Classroom Videos

Watch Stepping Stones lessons with real teachers and real students. These videos are at point of use within the ORIGO Stepping Stones Florida Digital Teacher Edition.


These animated one-minute videos can refresh teachers’ knowledge, help student understanding, and support family contribution to math learning. Links can be shared at home to grow family connections and support for math learning.

Implementation Support

ORIGO uses the principles of Implementation Science to guide our recommendations for launching Stepping Stones. Administrators, mathematics leaders, and classroom teachers each receive appropriate support to be confident teachers and supporters of the program.

Coaching and Professional Learning

ORIGO Education provides customized coaching and professional learning to strengthen the mathematics program of your school or district. Build content knowledge and strengthen instructional strategies with our expert support.

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