Figure It! Grade 4



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Designed to offer sequenced, grade-level appropriate math practice for summer school and math intervention programs, Figure It! Grade 4 is more than just meaningless drill. It features than 60 fun math puzzles and riddles that challenge students to use and expand their computation skills to uncover each solution. When students arrive at the correct answer it builds their confidence, and motivates them to continually develop their math capabilities as they advance through a progressively more rewarding series of math puzzles.

Product Details

Figure It! Grade 4 features more than 60 pages of fun and engaging math puzzles.

These puzzles include:

  • Cryptogram Math Puzzles
  • Multiplication Math Puzzles
  • Division Math Puzzles
  • Cross Number Math Puzzles
  • Addition Math Puzzles
  • Subtraction Math Puzzles

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Features & Benefits

While Figure It! Grade 4 can be used as a standalone learning resource, we recommend using it in combination with the ORIGOmath program.

The puzzles on each Figure It! page match the strategies found in corresponding ORIGOmath lessons. This design feature was intentionally included in order to help save teachers time in their lesson preparation, and to give students a fun and engaging activity to look forward to each day.

Target Audience

Grade 4

Series Overview

Figure It! grades 1-6 is a consumable student resource that enables students to practice a range of mental and written computational fluency strategies for the ORIGOmath program.


James Burnett and Calvin Irons