Fundamentals Orange Grades 1-2



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The Fundamentals Orange Book (Grades 1-2) of computation games and strategies provides over 200 mathematical number games that develop students’ ability to calculate mentally through pairs and small groupings. The games improve student discourse, problem-solving abilities and encourage appropriate mathematical language.

Product Details

This user friendly learning resource contains everything you need to get started including:

  • 40 developmentally sequenced games (including rules for variations and extensions)
  • Clear instructions on how to play the games
  • 28 reproducible blackline resources
  • Reproducible game boards
  • Research base for each game
  • Tips for bringing out the mathematics before, during, and after each game
  • Works with commonly used visual aids and manipulatives
  • Enables educators to observe “how” students think

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Features & Benefits

Fundamentals math games benefit the cognitive, social, and affective aspects of learning mathematics by enabling students to:

  • Develop powerful and efficient mental computation strategies
  • Engage in a fun interactive learning experience
  • Improve their problem solving abilities
  • See “visible” mathematics by incorporating manipulatives
  • Explore, explain, discuss, and compare their strategies
  • Student discourse on how answers were obtained helps to show the different strategies students used
  • Use of appropriate mathematical language.

Target Audience

Elementary Grades 1-2

Series Overview

Fundamentals math games are an easy, fun way for students to develop computational fluency. These engaging activities help you differentiate instruction for any core math program. Help students make meaningful math connections before, during, and after each print or digital game.


Brian Tickle, James Burnett