ORIGO Big Books Grade 1 Set (Spanish)



About this product

Help your students build their 1st grade math vocabulary using ORIGO Big Books.

Although the 12 title set has been created as part of the Stepping Stones 1st grade core math program, these engaging, large format books will work perfectly to enhance any math program.

Product Details

Books included:

  • Cupcake Capers (Take-Away Subtraction)
  • Stella’s Store (Skip Counting by Five)
  • Joe’s Carrots (Subtraction -Unknown Addend)
  • The Best Bug (Non-Standard Units of Length)
  • Bear and Badger (Comparison Subtraction)
  • A Piece of Pie (Fractions -Halves and Fourths)
  • The Cat Nap (Time on the Hour)
  • Paint a Rainbow (Numbers One to Seven)
  • Addtron (Using Doubles to Add)
  • How Many Legs? (Number Combinations)
  • Shoes in Twos (Counting in Steps of Two)
  • I See, You See (Representing Numbers One to Ten)

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English, Spanish

Features & Benefits

  • 12 books for each grade, Pre-K-2.
  • A language-rich approach to introduce and engage children with math concepts.
  • Seamless use of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition to support key literacy skills.
  • Inspiring teacher’s notes that include a variety of activities to accommodate all classrooms.
  • Digital teaching tools that enhance 21st century learning.

Target Audience

Grade 1

Series Overview

ORIGO Big Books build on young students’ natural love for learning and stories to help you introduce key mathematical concepts. These large-format storybooks develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding.

ORIGO Big Book Tools bring to life characters and concepts from the books. These engaging and easy-to-use interactive tools make the most of young students’ enthusiasm for play and learning. The series is also supported by teacher’s notes, which offer a wide range of activities to help you reinforce and extend on new learning.