ORIGO Big Books: Pre-K (Spanish)



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Help build Pre-K math vocabulary in Spanish.

Although the 12 title Spanish set was created as part of the Spanish edition of the Stepping Stones core math program, these engaging, large format story books will work perfectly to enhance any math program.

The illustrated stories introduce, reinforce, and help develop essential math vocabulary and language. Learning the language of key mathematical concepts is an important step in helping transition young students into using standard mathematical language. 

This resource is available from Pre-K to 2nd grade, and all titles are available in both English and Spanish.

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ORIGO Pre-K Big Books (Spanish) are a part of the robust Stepping Stones Pre-K comprehensive mathematics program.


ORIGO Pre-K Big Books Titles and Mathematical Learning Targets:
TitleMathematical Concept
Peter PiperAddition and Subtraction
Which Floor Please?Number and Relative Position
I Think I’ll Go FlyingPositional Language
Buster the BalloonComparing Two Objects
Caty The CaterpillarTime and Sequencing
How Many Animals?Counting to 5
Polly Loves PuzzlesCounting up to 10 Objects
Stan The FirefighterComparing 3 Objects
The Racing HorsesOrdinal Numbers
The Same GameSorting
Parker’s PatternsRepeating Patterns
Look and See3D Objects

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English, Spanish

Features & Benefits

The illustrated stories introduce, reinforce, and help develop essential kindergarten-level math vocabulary and language. Learning the language of key mathematical concepts is an important step in helping transition young students into using standard mathematical language.

Target Audience

Grade K

Series Overview

ORIGO Big Books build on young students’ natural love for learning and stories to help you introduce key mathematical concepts. These large-format storybooks develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding.

ORIGO Big Book Tools bring to life characters and concepts from the books. These engaging and easy-to-use interactive tools make the most of young students’ enthusiasm for play and learning. The series is also supported by teacher’s notes, which offer a wide range of activities to help you reinforce and extend on new learning.