ORIGO Connects Grades K-5 Classroom Licenses (1 year)



About this product
Special introductory pricing* offered through November 30, 2020. Contact us to learn more about volume discounting. Individual licenses are now available here.

ORIGO Connects provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect directly with school, allowing for a seamless transition from mathematics classroom instruction to follow-up home support.

  • Weekly routine with daily activities designed for caregivers to implement with minimal preparation and offer interaction to encourage social-emotional learning at home.
  • Activities are organized by topics enabling teachers or caregivers to choose the content to match students’ learning needs. Aligned to grade-level skills and concepts that are taught in the classroom.
  • A complete program designed to help students to close gaps, develop new skills, and reinforce concepts. Complementary to any core mathematics instruction!
  • Digital access from any device.

* Special introductory pricing is per classroom set of 30 licenses

Product Details

We are excited to offer a new solution for parents and caregivers to connect directly with grade-level math instruction, allowing for a seamless transition from school to follow-up home support. Last spring we offered ORIGO at Home, a short-series of lessons to support schools with the shift to remote learning. To answer this continuing need and provide research-based math resources that can be used at home, we designed a new supplement specifically to extend math concepts to the home or remote setting for the whole school year.

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Grade K (1 year), Grade 1 (1 year), Grade 2 (1 year), Grade 3 (1 year), Grade 4 (1 year), Grade 5 (1 year)