ORIGOmath 1st Grade Teacher Sourcebook



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The Teacher Sourcebook is part of the ORIGOmath elementary math intervention program and contains 1st grade math teacher intervention lessons and assessments.

It can be used as a supplemental resource for the computation portion of any math program, as well as a Tier II and Tier III intervention teaching and learning resource.

Created to help teachers develop students’ mathematical understanding and computation skills, it supports the activities that are contained in the ORIGOmath Student Journal.

Product Details

The 1st grade math teacher intervention lessons and assessments found in this learning resource are comprised of 12 units of work.

Each unit provides teachers with the mathematical background, learning expectations, suggestions for intervention and assessment, as well as reproducible backline masters. All backline masters for pre and post-tests are found in a separate book in the back of the folder.

Units are broken into five teaching sessions that include step-by-step instructions, expected student activity and responses, and optional ideas for consolidation, extension, and homework.

The program provides carefully sequenced lessons to teach and assess fluency in computation. This program utilizes a range of visual models, concrete materials, and appropriate practice to develop skills in all aspects of computation.

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Product Features & Benefits

ORIGO products are designed to “dovetail” or seamlessly integrate into each other to deliver the highest value to educators and students.

This program is no different, and is companioned with the following products to provide additional homework, computational fluency games, and visual models:

Figure It! – (additional ORIGOmath homework and practice)
Fundamentals – (computational fluency games)
The Box of Facts – (visual models for basic facts)