Stepping Stones Student Books Grade K

The ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre-K-5 Core Program has two printed student resources for each grade level. Each book plays a vital role in enhancing student growth, and increasing their ability to explain their understanding of the core instruction found in each lesson.

The Stepping Stones Student Books Grade K Include:

The Student Journal
The ORIGO Stepping Stones Student Journal grade K provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of each lesson discussion. Students record their explanations and reasoning of the math concept presented in the daily lesson. They also record their application of the problem sets presented. This resource is a consumable and is available in Spanish and English.

The Practice Book
The ORIGO Stepping Stones Practice Book grade K provides ongoing practice of previously taught concepts so that students reinforce their understanding across the school year. This reinforcement resource ensures that skills students learned are maintained for greater achievement. This resource is a necessary companion tool for the student journal. It is consumable and is available in Spanish and English.

Stepping Stones Student Books Grade K

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