The Number Case Grade 4 (Spanish)



About this product

Enhance any core math program, and save time preparing lessons using the Number Case’s 200 ready-to-use math teacher resources.
The prepared visual models in each Number Case were created to help teachers save time while still enabling them to engage students and bring their lessons alive.

Product Details


The materials in each case are grade-level specific and include:

  • Multiple Representations of Number
  • Sharing Mats
  • Numeral Expanders
  • Mix-and-Match Puzzles
  • Demonstration Cards for Whole-Group Discussion
  • Puzzle Cards for Individuals to Solve
  • Cards for Concept Development
  • Cards for Practice and Reinforcement
  • Some Cards with Write on/Wipe off Finish”

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Weight1 lbs

English, Spanish

Features & Benefits

Although the Number Case is an outstanding resource for enhancing any core math program, it also integrates seamlessly into the ORIGO Stepping Stone core math program.

Throughout the Stepping Stones teacher materials, educators will find indicators recommending how to integrate the ready-to-use math teacher resources into the day’s lesson.


Target Audience

Grade 4

Series Overview

ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 for Grades K-6 is an innovative program that integrates print and digital technology to give educators a flexible and balanced mathematics solution. This world-class comprehensive instructional program has been developed for elementary teachers who are implementing college-and-career-readiness standards.