We invite you to review ORIGO Stepping Stones Texas for Grades K–5.
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  • for an overview of ORIGO Education—who we are and what we do,
  • and insight from Jennifer Young of Worthington School District, Ohio on her experience using Stepping Stones.

ORIGO Stepping Stones Texas
Program Overview and Digital
Teacher Edition Quickstart Guide

Digital Teacher Edition access through
ORIGO Slate 
for Grades K–5 (online)

The Digital Teacher Edition for Stepping Stones Texas offers a complete suite of digital content and teaching tools. Access the content and tools using a single sign-on using ORIGO Slate. Features include Interactive whiteboard tools, games, puzzles, problem tasks, and embedded support through tutorials, videos, and teacher notes.

ORIGO Stepping Stones Texas
Topic Overview Charts

ORIGO Stepping Stones Texas Topic Overview Charts provide a quick summary
of our spaced learning approach to teaching.

ORIGO Stepping Stones Texas
TEKS Coverage by Lesson

ORIGO Professional Learning

ORIGO Stepping Stones Texas
Print Classroom Resources

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Please contact us with any questions regarding Stepping Stones or ORIGO Education.

Cori Read
Resource Advisor, ORIGO Education
(469) 919-9995

Myneiaka Young
Resource Advisor, ORIGO Education
(682) 422-9071