ORIGO Stepping Stones | Core Mathematics

ORIGO Stepping Stones has been written and developed by a team of experts to provide teachers with access to a world-class elementary math program. Our expert team of authors and consultants are utilizing all available educational research to create a unique program that has never before been available to teachers.

Create a classroom where math makes more sense with Stepping Stones. For the first time, a core program provides access to all online content from all grades, giving teachers the confidence and knowledge to successfully accommodate mixed abilities in the classroom.

Stepping Stones is an innovative online program that:

Fosters students’ thinking and reasoning skills.

Delivers multiple ways to differentiate classroom instruction.
Provides a valuable source of professional learning for the teacher.
Presents methods to assess deep understanding and skills.
Is rich in online and print resources that engage all students.
Offers a cost-effective solution to core math implementation.
Assists in the recommended shift to digital instructional materials.

It’s simply a smarter approach to teaching mathematics!


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