ORIGO Education and Brainingcamp Join Forces to Revolutionize Math Education

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Brainingcamp, a cutting-edge digital manipulatives provider. By combining Stepping Stones elementary math curriculum with Brainingcamp’s innovative digital manipulatives, this collaboration brings more immersive and engaging learning experiences to Pre-K-6 learners, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Enhancing Math Education with Innovation and Engagement

The Stepping Stones curriculum, rated all-green on EdReports, empowers students to become confident mathematicians by emphasizing deep understanding, fluency, and problem-solving skills. Our focus on a research-based and conceptual approach to teaching mathematics is designed to make math meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible for all learners. By teaming up with Brainingcamp, we are able to enhance the Stepping Stones curriculum with more interactive digital manipulatives, enriching the learning experience and enabling a more personalized journey for each student.

Benefits for Educators

The ORIGO-Brainingcamp partnership offers a host of benefits to educators using the Stepping Stones curriculum. Educators gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources, including lesson plans, assessments, and professional development materials, all seamlessly integrated with Brainingcamp’s user-friendly digital manipulatives. This integration allows for a streamlined teaching experience, saving educators valuable time and ensuring a cohesive learning environment.

A Step Towards a More Engaging Math Experience

Our partnership with Brainingcamp represents a significant milestone in the quest for innovative and engaging math education. By combining ORIGO’s research-backed curriculum with Brainingcamp’s interactive manipulatives, students are presented with an enhanced learning experience that goes beyond traditional textbook instruction.

Through this collaboration, we aim to empower students to become confident mathematicians, instilling in them a deep understanding of mathematical concepts that will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond.

To learn more about the ORIGO-Brainingcamp partnership, please visit our press release.

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