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Core Mathematics Program

English and Spanish | Grades K-6
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Follow the path to meaningful and engaging mathematics instruction.

ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 © 2022 Grades K-6 for United States customers enhances your teachers and students learning journey with a program aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Students develop mathematical practices in a new, enhanced learning experience and teachers are supported for a better “normal” with balanced and flexible resources.

Stepping Stones 2.0 meets expectations across all gateways in EdReports!

You can be confident knowing that Stepping Stones 2.0 meets expectations across all gateways in EdReports Alignment and Usability Report. EdReports is an independent nonprofit committed to ensuring all students have access to high-quality instructional materials.

Click here to view the full ORIGO Stepping Stones report.

EdReports Stepping Stones 2.0 summary

Watch the Stepping Stones overview video above to peek inside the program components and request more info using the form below.

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NEW! Digital Manipulatives

Engage your students using updated digital manipulatives from Brainingcamp, a cutting edge digital manipulative provider. Click here to learn more about this partnership and watch a demo by clicking on the “Learn More” button below.

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Stepping Stones © 2022 Product Image Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 is organized to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math with every lesson. Discover how to prepare, teach, and encourage your students from day one.

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Stepping Stones © 2022 Product Image Student Materials

Student Materials

Students have access to a variety of tactile tools to learn mathematics. The Student Journal guides thinking in both print and digital versions with interactive tools that bring learning to life.

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Stepping Stones © 2022 Product Image Assessment


ORIGO assessment tools inform instruction and measure growth. Stepping Stones assessments are embedded in the instructional modules and help you make data-based decisions.

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Additional Resources

Print and digital tools will guide students’ understanding from concrete to pictorial to abstract. Discover resources at your fingertips, written into lessons to engage and inspire.

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ORIGO Big Books

Bring math instruction to life with both print and animated Big Books. The new ORIGO Animated Big Books for Grades K–2 are designed to teach math skills conceptually, and in a logical, learner-friendly sequence that develops deep understanding and success.

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Professional Learning

ORIGO Education partners with you every step of the way. Embedded, on-demand professional learning, coaching and a research-based implementation science series ensures you have the tools to embark on a successful implementation now and for years to come. Teacher impact = measurable student success.

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This page provides samples of both print and digital components from Stepping Stones Grade K-6. Use the “Request Login” button below to request a login to our digital teacher experience. Be sure to take a look at the overview brochure prior to reviewing the samples of this page.


Digital Experience Sample

Begin your review by requesting a login to a digital sample with full modules from each grade level. You will receive an email after submitting the login request form. This email will include a video showing a navigation guide to the ORIGO Access platform. After you watch the video please begin exploring the sample modules for each grade level. Look in the “Print Samples” below to see the same sample modules from our print Student Journals and Teacher Editions.

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ORIGO Big Books

View sample Big Books from Grades K-2. There are 12 Big Books per grade level and area available in English and Spanish.

The Number Case

This link includes an overview of what is included in The Number Case by grade level.

K-6 Correlations

Download this Scope and Sequence file illustrating how Stepping Stones 2.0 lessons correlate to the Common Core State Standards by grade level. Click here to look for state specific correlations.

I think the beauty of the ORIGO Stepping Stones program is that it allows time for kids to explore and think about the math before a teacher tells them, “this is what you are supposed to be learning.

Cindy Beaman

Curriculum Coordinator: Math, Grand Island Schools

The ORIGO Stepping Stones program provided us with common language. So, when we were talking at team meetings, we all had the same language and that commonality really strengthened our professional learning communities as well.

Kirsten Danisavich

Coordinator of Instruction for Mathematics, Worcester County Public Schools

The ORIGO Stepping Stones program coupled with the on-site professional development ORIGO provided led to a deep shift in our instruction of mathematics.

Kristin Johnson

formerly Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Troy Consolidated School District

Norton Public Schools

Norton Public Schools was searching for a curriculum that would align from elementary to middle to high school, meet their shared vision for mathematics instruction, center on recent research on how best to teach math, and earn an all green (highly effective) ratings from EdReports. Read more about why Norton selected Stepping Stones 2.0 and read testimonials from educators in Norton’s district.


Conestoga Valley School District

Hear from educators in Conestoga Valley School District, PA and how they have found success and a love of mathematics with Stepping Stones 2.0. Conestoga adopted Stepping Stones in 2022 and quickly found success. Principals are seeing high student engagement through discourse and hands on learning, teachers are appreciating the materials and resources as well as the choice in assessment and activities, and students are loving math this year.

Case Studies Worcester@2x

Worcester County Schools

“We wanted our students, all students — special ed students, general education students, everybody — to learn math at high levels with conceptual understanding. And we wanted to increase student engagement and discourse,” said Kirsten Danisavich, Coordinator of Instruction for Mathematics. “When we completed analyzing and thinking about what our new learning solution should be, we realized that Stepping Stones from ORIGO Education was in full alignment with where we wanted to go.

Using Stepping Stones in all our elementary schools at all levels from Pre-K through 6th grade ensures that all our students have the same opportunity to learn. Our vision was to implement a program that increased high-level mathematics understanding and helped students and teachers love math. It has put all our campuses on the same playing field, so that all students have the same opportunity to learn. It is so exciting to see our vision become a reality.”

Read more about Worcester County Schools

Magnolia Independent School District

Stepping Stones was implemented district-wide in Magnolia Independent School District beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, and the results are strong among all populations, including general education, special education, and other vulnerable subgroups.

Following an analysis of student performance, Magnolia found that “the most important indicator of success is an openness to change, fidelity to the program, and a culture shift that has teachers and students alike excited about math.”

“A core curriculum that underscores the importance of conceptual understanding of math requires more than just a new book. Teachers need rich tools like those offered in Stepping Stones to break out of the past methods. They need ongoing professional development and support to ensure fidelity across classrooms, campuses, and districts. Fidelity to the teaching model will help all students, regardless of mathematical preparation or English language mastery, be better prepared for annual state assessments and ongoing progress in mathematics.”

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