Professional Learning

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ORIGO Education offers comprehensive professional learning services based on the latest research on mathematics teaching and learning, as well as implementation science. Our learning service educators offer coaching sessions, strategies to leverage supplemental resources, and embedded on-demand support to meet the unique needs of your school or  district.

Professional Learning through Coaching

ORIGO Education works alongside teachers and educational leaders to transform research and theory into constructive, everyday classroom practices that make learning mathematics meaningful and enjoyable for all.

Our team of experts offer methods, ideas, and strategies to help you nurture engaged, motivated, and happy-to-learn thinkers. ORIGO Education coaching support can be offered through a strategic combination of onsite professional learning sessions, in-class observations and model lessons, and follow-up online sessions.

ORIGO’s learning service educators have a wide range of expertise and knowledge, which they bring to hands-on training with our supplemental resources. Teachers learn practical strategies for helping students improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in mathematics.

We partner with you to solve your most pressing challenges, including:

  • Developing number sense
  • Strengthening questioning and discourse in the classroom
  • Supporting ELL students in mathematics
  • Developing problem-solving and persistence
  • Using multiple representations in mathematics
  • Building strong understanding of common and decimal fractions
  • Fostering the practice or process standards
  • Unpacking the content standards
  • Developing thinking strategies for addition and subtraction
  • Developing thinking strategies for multiplication and division
  • Extending thinking strategies beyond basic facts