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Pre-K through Grade 6

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When educators are empowered, students thrive.

We are dedicated to supporting elementary educators in delivering high-quality instruction.

Our professional learning is delivered by an expert team of educators with extensive classroom and administrative experience and is:

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Based on trust, respect, and building strong relationships.

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Working together to connect ideas and challenging existing beliefs.

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Offering opportunities for practice, feedback, and reflection.

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Learning tools and techniques to solve problems and drive positive change.

I think the beauty of the ORIGO Stepping Stones program is that it allows time for kids to explore and think about the math before a teacher tells them, “this is what you are supposed to be learning.

Cindy Beaman

Curriculum Coordinator: Math, Grand Island Schools

The ORIGO Stepping Stones program provided us with common language. So, when we were talking at team meetings, we all had the same language and that commonality really strengthened our professional learning communities as well.

Kirsten Danisavich

Coordinator of Instruction for Mathematics, Worcester County Public Schools

The ORIGO Stepping Stones program coupled with the on-site professional development ORIGO provided led to a deep shift in our instruction of mathematics.

Kristin Johnson

formerly Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Troy Consolidated School District

We’re definitely seeing a lot of trends of our fluency data increasing and kids really making some big gains around fluency in addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. A lot of the TAs are really excited about ORIGO and the games that the students are playing, the skills that they’re picking up, and the kids are even excited! 

Math Coach

Customized Professional Learning

Choose from a variety of product implementation practices for educators and administrators, or topic-based coaching for math teachers and coaches.

Choose the format that best suits your needs:

  • On-Site
  • Virtual
  • Customize your own hybrid of on-site and virtual learning

Our experienced educators have a deep understanding of classroom best practices and will equip your teachers with practical strategies for math success!

Product Implementation

We work with you to create a strategic, cohesive plan for implementation.

These sessions provide participants with an overview of Stepping Stones instructional approach, and platform navigation, as well as ongoing, job-embedded teacher follow-up to support program integrity and maximize investment into these resources. This includes classroom walk throughs, coaching, and modeling lessons in the classroom and co-teaching

ORIGO also provides customized support sessions for these products:

  • The Book and Box of Facts for Addition & Subtraction
  • The Book and Box of Facts for Multiplication & Division
  • Think Tanks

Topic-Based Professional Learning or Coaching

We offer topic-based Professional Learning and Coaching to help teachers make sense of the concepts and skills behind the big ideas and strands of mathematics.

Combine on-site and virtual options to build a custom professional learning experience for your team.

Coaching sessions are available for these topics:

  • Early Numeracy – Counting & Cardinality, Numeracy
  • Strategies and Activities for English Language Learners in the Math Classroom
  • Differentiating instruction in the classroom
  • Intervention (Tier I, II, and III)
  • Problem Solving and critical thinking
  • Rebuilding Tier 1 Instruction
  • Processes and Practices of Mathematics
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