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Designed to elevate your instruction.

When educators are empowered,
students succeed.

At ORIGO, we believe that when educators are empowered, students thrive. We are dedicated to supporting elementary educators in delivering high-quality instruction. Our professional learning approach is:

  1. Social: It’s based on trust, respect, and building strong relationships.
  2. Collaborative: We believe in connecting ideas and challenging existing beliefs.
  3. Continuous: It involves ongoing practice, feedback, and reflection.
  4. Empowering: We help participants solve problems and drive positive change.

Choose from on-site, hybrid, or virtual packages to support district and school leaders in enhancing math instruction. Our experienced educators have a deep understanding of classroom best practices and will equip your teachers with practical strategies for math success!

Professional Learning
Implementation Packages

Our hybrid package provides strong implementation support with on-site sessions followed by live virtual sessions to support continued teacher and student success.

  • 1 Day Onsite (two 3-hour sessions or one 6-hour session)
  • Plus 2 Follow-up Virtual Sessions (60-90-minute sessions)

Leverage the expertise and knowledge of our ORIGO Learning Service Educators to provide teachers support in best practice math instruction.

  • 4 Virtual Sessions (60-90-minute sessions)

Our team of experts provide a range of methods, ideas, and strategies to help you foster a love of learning in your classroom. Custom coaching support is tailored to your needs and can be delivered through a combination of onsite learning sessions, in-class observations, model lessons, and follow-up online sessions. Together, we will empower you to create a truly impactful educational experience.

  • 1 Day Onsite (two 3-hour sessions or one 6-hour session)
  • Plus 2 Follow-up Virtual Sessions (60-90-minute sessions)

Take your custom coaching online! We offer strategically designed online sessions that cater to the unique needs of your school and your educators. Let us empower you to create a dynamic learning environment that inspires both you and your students.

  • 4 Virtual Sessions (60-90-minute sessions)

Any package may be supplemented with additional onsite or virtual session options customized to meet the specific needs of schools and districts.

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