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A teacher reads an ORIGO Big Book to a class. The teacher and a student point to an illustration on the page.

ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre‑K prepares students on their journey to Grade K readiness

ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre-K is a comprehensive preschool math curriculum that prepares children to be productive thinkers, lifelong learners, and innovative members of society.

This program gives young children the best possible preparation for their upcoming years of learning through vocabulary-rich learning activities and play-based, arts-integrated activities where children acquire mathematical concepts necessary to excel in elementary grades and beyond.

Print teacher editions of the ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre-K program.

Stepping Stones Pre‑K Teacher Print Edition

The perfect companion to your digital Stepping Stones Pre-K program.

A selection of titles from the ORIGO Pre-K Big Books set.

ORIGO Big Books: Pre-K

Build on children’s natural love for learning and stories to introduce key mathematical concepts.

The ORIGO Pre-K Math case.

Pre-K Math Case

The ideal resource to develop young children’s understanding of mathematics concepts and skills.

ORIGO Big Book Poster Books

Big Poster Books and Poster Book Songs

Captivate children with rich language, vibrant pictures, and unique music.

A Big Cube showing three sides with cards added to each side. Side 1 shows five dots. Side 2 shows a child brushing their teeth. Side 3 shows a tomato.

ORIGO Big Cubes

Merge sensory play with basic mathematical concepts.

Big Cubes Cards

ORIGO Big Cube Cards

Teach with confidence using a no-fuss, all-in-oneprinted guide for each Stepping Stones 2.0 module.

Pre K All Inclusive Hero

This page provides samples of both print and digital components from Stepping Stones Pre-K.

Be sure to take a look at the overview brochure before reviewing the samples on this page.


Click the button below to download sample activities from the Stepping Stones Pre-K program.

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Teacher Support

View samples of teacher support videos embedded throughout the Stepping Stones Pre-K program.

One-to-One Counting Principle

Teaching Number: Counting Principles

Print teacher editions of the ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre-K program.

Teacher Edition (print)

The Pre-K Teacher Edition provides one central location to access all lesson plans, teaching tools, and content. View sample modules below from our print Teacher Edition.

Teacher Edition Pre-K Module 3

Teacher Edition Pre-K Module 4

Pre K Big Books Tools Tunes

ORIGO Big Books

View sample big books and listen to the corresponding tunes from the ORIGO Big Books collection.

How Many Animals Big Book (print) and Tune

I’ll Go Flying Big Book (print) and Tune

Big Poster Books

ORIGO Big Poster Books

View samples and listen to the corresponding songs from the ORIGO Big Poster Books collection.

Big Poster Book 3 (print) and Song

Big Poster Book 4 (print) and Song

A teacher helps a student complete a math problem.

Learning Targets

Learning targets provide specific, targeted concepts and skills that students will learn during the module.

Pre-K Learning Targets

I think the beauty of the ORIGO Stepping Stones program is that it allows time for kids to explore and think about the math before a teacher tells them, “this is what you are supposed to be learning.

Cindy Beaman

Curriculum Coordinator: Math, Grand Island Schools

The ORIGO Stepping Stones program provided us with common language. So, when we were talking at team meetings, we all had the same language and that commonality really strengthened our professional learning communities as well.

Kirsten Danisavich

Coordinator of Instruction for Mathematics, Worcester County Public Schools

The ORIGO Stepping Stones program coupled with the on-site professional development ORIGO provided led to a deep shift in our instruction of mathematics.

Kristin Johnson

formerly Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Troy Consolidated School District

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