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The Book and Box of Fact Strategies is a collection of ready-made visual aids to assist teachers in helping students to develop mathematical thinking strategies for basic facts in multiplication and division. The use of these visual aids reinforces student practice of the basic facts with larger numbers. The math strategies chosen for the Book and Box of Fact Strategies are efficient, effective, and extensively researched in how students learn best.

The Book and Box of Fact Strategies provides a variety of engaging activities and games. They are organized into an easy-to-use teaching sequence that is designed to help students build fluency with number facts.

The Book and Box of Fact Strategies: Multiplication and Division features: Fact fluency, built on understanding; Formative assessment options to monitor student achievement; Print and DIGITAL tools, games, and strategy cards; Embedded professional learning; Ongoing practice to engage students.

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Sets are available in a range of options:

  • Complete Classroom Set (English and Spanish)
  • Complete Classroom Renewal (English and Spanish)
  • Classroom Replacement Box (English)
  • Student Book/eStudent Edition 5 Pack Set (English)
  • Student Book/eStudent Edition 5 Pack Set (English)
  • Teacher Resources (English)
  • Teacher Set (English)

Multiplication and Division Sample Lessons

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