California Mathematics Council South Virtual Conference 2020

Welcome to CMC-SOUTH 2020!
We are excited to share our sessions and new digital resources to support your math goals in California.

CMC-SOUTH Exhibit Hall hours (Pacific Time)

Friday, Nov. 6 Saturday, Nov. 7 Sunday, Nov. 8
12:00 – 5:30 PM 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Visit the ORIGO Education booth and join these sessions and roundtable discussion on Saturday.

Saturday, November 7th

9:00 AM PST
Session 116: Roundtable Talk: Develop Mathematical Practices with Computational Thinking
Pre-K — Grade 5
Presenter: Dr. Sara Delano-Moore, Director of Professional Learning, ORIGO Education
Description: Computational Thinking establishes deep systems-thinking skills. This session uses decomposition, patterning, algorithmic thinking, and the process of abstracting as tools for developing the mathematical practices & critical mathematical reasoning

10:30 AM PST
Session 210: Let them Struggle: Embracing a Classroom Rich in Discourse
Grades 3-5
Presenter: Andrea Kotowski, Learning Services Educator, ORIGO Education
Description: All students are mathematical thinkers who can engage in discussions that promote productive struggle. Empowering students to work through the struggle is through rich math tasks, questioning, and a ‘Thinkering Map’. Let’s embrace the struggle.

12:00 PM PST
Roundtable Discussion in the ORIGO Booth: Combatting the Educational Divide: What is in your arsenal?
Grades 3-5
Moderator: Dr. Sara Delano-Moore, Director of Professional Learning, ORIGO Education
Whether education is being taught remotely or in a hybrid situation, our students are making a lot of concessions with their schooling this year. Let’s discuss the situations you are facing with your students or even as a parent/care-giver to elementary aged children. Do you have the proper tools to assist kids when they are learning at home or in small clusters. Are you able to get a sense of their problem solving skills when you cannot see them every day? Come and talk to us about it. ORIGO has the means to provide you with solutions to your struggle points. 

1:00 PM PST
Session 310: Emphasize the Thinking, Not the Computation
Grades 3-5
Presenter: Andrea Kotowski, Learning Services Educator, ORIGO Education
Description: Access to Computational thinking can be developed in elementary students through the SMPs. How do we empower students’ multiplication and division computation of whole numbers be more thoughtful? Let’s explore, how to emphasize the thinking!

We will share a special offer for some of our most popular resources when you stop by our booth or join our sessions.




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Now you can share the love of reading in the classroom and at home with Animated Big Books. These new digital big books are designed to teach math skills conceptually, and in a logical, learner-friendly sequence that develops deep understanding and success.

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CueThink® is a new digital tool for documenting and recording problem-solving. Math standards are taught as students apply mathematician George Pólya’s 4 phases of Understand, Plan, Solve, and Review. The phases encourage students to slow down and explain their thinking. Click the link below to view a recent webinar on this new digital resource.

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