Virginia Council for Mathematics Supervision 2020

Welcome to VCMS 2020!
We are excited to share our new digital resources to support your math goals in Virginia.



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Connect directly with grade-level instruction, allowing for a seamless transition from school to follow-up home support.

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Now you can share the love of reading in the classroom and at home with Animated Big Books. These new digital big books are designed to teach math skills conceptually, and in a logical, learner-friendly sequence that develops deep understanding and success.

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CueThink® is a new digital tool for documenting and recording problem-solving. Math standards are taught as students apply mathematician George Pólya’s 4 phases of Understand, Plan, Solve, and Review. The phases encourage students to slow down and explain their thinking. Click the link below to view a recent webinar on this new digital resource.

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I’d love to learn more about your school or district and share how we can help achieve your math goals in Virginia.

Adrienne Morris

Adrienne Morris

Senior Resource Advisor


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