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You know you’re a great teacher… but it can be challenging to feel inspired every day. If only you had access to relevant, easy-to-use ideas and resources within an elementary math blog that can be quickly implemented in your elementary classroom. Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are happy to have you join the ORIGO Education family. Our approach helps you make learning meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible for all.

ORIGO Insights elementary math blog is your source for inspiration and insight into creating engaged, math thinkers. This blog provides advice and support in helping you learn methods, ideas, and strategies to support the mathematics development of elementary learners.

Some of the topics to be discussed in this community include:

  • Early number concepts and skills
  • Language development in mathematics
  • Effective strategies for computational fluency
  • Facilitating small group lessons
  • Incorporating literature into Pre-K and elementary mathematics
  • Development effective questioning techniques
  • Building higher-order thinking
  • Using mathematical models and representations
  • Incorporating the mathematical practices
  • ELL strategies in mathematics
  • Kindergarten math readiness
  • Differentiation

Get started right away by reading Powerful Thinking Strategies for Teaching Number Facts. This article introduces you to a series on effective strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

If you are an early learning educator, be inspired by In Their Own World: Playgrounds and Parks. This is the first of several articles that describe fun, easy-to-do activities that will brighten the day through children’s mathematical play – in their own world.

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