ORIGO Education Launches Stepping Stones Pre-K Mathematics Program

ORIGO Education Launches Stepping Stones Pre-K Mathematics Program

Mathematics curriculum developer debuts new course materials for young math learners at the 2016 National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference and Expo

 CHARLES, Mo. (Nov. 1, 2016) – To address the need for core mathematics instruction and learning materials for early childhood, ORIGO Education, a leading mathematics solution provider for grades Pre-K–6, announces the launch of Stepping Stones Pre-K Comprehensive Mathematics . The new Pre-K mathematics program provides a variety of developmentally appropriate resources that engage children as they begin to learn mathematics.

“Our play-based, meaningful activities are rich with language experiences to ensure all children are successful and enjoy learning,” said Jessica Bobo, contributing author of Stepping Stones Pre-K Comprehensive Mathematics and a former educator in large, urban school systems. “We are supporting social-emotional learning as well as mathematical understanding.”

The new program materials help children learn crucial concepts in preparation for the elementary grades which have increasingly rigorous standards. In each learning experience, students interact in an informal environment through play-based, child-initiated explorations and guided instructional activities to build a conceptual foundation which is essential for students to transition to pictorial learning and, later, to abstract learning.

Every core and targeted ORIGO Education curriculum is a strategically planned and carefully sequenced program that promotes the use of language through interactions with other students and adults. Children naturally use language to describe what they learn and are encouraged to talk about and explain their work as they immerse themselves in the program.

“Children have a natural curiosity, are eager to investigate and want to communicate what they learn and see,” said Rosemary Irons, an educational consultant with ORIGO Education. “As early childhood education leaders, we have the responsibility to provide learning environments for children that capitalize on their curiosity and support their development. We’re excited to equip teachers with a curriculum that makes this possible.”

The Stepping Stones Pre-K Comprehensive Mathematics program will debut at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) conference in Los Angeles from November 2-5, 2016. Educators attending the conference are invited to experience interactive program demonstrations at booth #1114 and attend a featured presentation on the importance of language in the early childhood learning environment.

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ORIGO Education covers all facets of elementary mathematics education, from traditional printed products to digital interactive resources and professional learning. ORIGO’s web-based curriculum, Stepping Stones, is an award-winning, comprehensive, core mathematics curriculum for grades Pre-K–6. This comprehensive print and digital elementary core mathematics curriculum is dedicated to making learning meaningful, enjoyable and accessible for all students. Available in English and Spanish, the customizable lessons and balanced instructional design provide educators with a scalable solution for differentiation, developing student confidence, computational strategies, and conceptual mathematics understanding. The technology-rich program blends online resources with printed materials, resulting in classrooms that are engaged and provide differentiated learning. Professional development videos are embedded within the online program, giving teachers the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful. For more information about ORIGO Education, visit

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