Announcing the Winners of the Inaugural ORIGO Classroom Grant Program

We are thrilled to announce the six outstanding educators who have been selected as winners of the inaugural ORIGO Classroom Grant Program! After careful consideration of numerous applicants from passionate educators around the country, these exceptional winners have been chosen for their commitment to transforming mathematics education in their classrooms.

Our six winners will be receiving a Book and Box of Fact Strategies Classroom Set of their choice, as well as two 30-minute Professional Learning Sessions to efficiently implement and utilize the product!

Join us as we celebrate the positive impact they will have on their students’ learning experiences with the Book and Box of Fact Strategies.

The winners are:

Diane Chira, a Special Education teacher at Helen Lehman Elementary School in Santa Rosa, CA

How will the Book and Box of Fact Strategies help you and your students?

“My students need strategies not algorithms – when learning is fun and strategies it sticks and builds success upon success. I know from the current research that it is not memorizing that supports facts fluency but the kind of approach that the Book and Box of Fact strategies will employ. I do not have math curriculum that can help my students. I cull if from a range of sources – we need a strategic, fun, and conceptual approach. I’ve seen it work but I need the resources and the help to make it happen. My students deserve this!”

Amy Christiansen, a 4th grade teacher with Baxter Elementary School in Baxter, IA

How will the Book and Box of Fact Strategies help you and your students?

“I am so excited about this program. I feel that it is so important for students to be fluent in these skills in order to be successful in all other math areas. We have been struggling to find materials that are research based to build this capacity in our school. To also have the ability to have assessment materials available as well, would be such a strong resource to finally have at our disposal.”

Ivy Delaney, a math coach at Lija Elementary School in Natick, MA

How will the Book and Box of Fact Strategies help you and your students?

“I saw some of the materials at math workshop. I definitely think the materials in the Box of Fact Strategies can help our interventionists as they design lessons for students in need of intervention and additional practice with their facts.”

Taylor O’Connor, a 5th grade teacher with Pocalla Springs Elementary School in Sumter, SC

How will the Book and Box of Fact Strategies help you and your students?

“This will provide my students with new manipulatives to use in math. The structure and visual aids provided by this set will help grow my students conceptual understanding and foundation in math and lead them to be successful in their understanding of more complex material.”

Diana Reid, a Special Education Teacher with Jesse S. Bobo Elementary School in Spartanburg, SC.

How will the Book and Box of Fact Strategies help you and your students?

“Many of my students have difficulty following two-step directions due to DD, Speech/Language Impairment, OHI, ASD, ED, and SLD. As my students progress in computations that require fluency mathematically, functional mathematical skills are lacking. Students struggle in math and are missing basic foundational learning that inhibits mastering even more advanced skills. Providing students daily practice with the strategies Book and Box of Facts uses will help create a greater sense of numbers and operations, which will help them, grow and be more successful in the general education classroom.”

Erin Wilson, a 1st grade teacher with Rockhill Elementary School in Stafford, VA

How will the Book and Box of Fact Strategies help you and your students?

“Several years ago, I attended a workshop called Building a System of Tens. The training greatly improved my understanding of student thinking and development, and I would love to extend my professional knowledge to strengthening computation and math facts. I think building a strong foundation in math facts will prepare students as they enter upper elementary.”

The inaugural ORIGO Classroom Grant program has brought to light the incredible passion and commitment of educators across the nation. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the six winners and express our gratitude to all the educators who participated in the program.

Stay tuned for updates on their inspiring journeys and the timing for the next round of grant applications this Fall!

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