Stepping Stones 2.0 © 2022 from ORIGO Education Earns Green Ratings from EdReports

Comprehensive core math for Pre-K–6 helps learners develop mathematical mindset for future success in math learning

EARTH CITY, Missouri – January 11, 2022 – Math scores for 9-year-old students in the United States. have been flat since 2012, while those of 13-year-olds declined dramatically — representing the first major drop in the subject since the National Assessment of Educational Progress — the Nation’s Report Card — began tracking long-term academic achievement trends in the 1970s. With Stepping Stones 2.0 © 2022 from ORIGO Education, PreK–6 grade math teachers have access to a comprehensive core program to help the youngest students maintain and extend their mathematical mindset, helping them to grow as math learners and establishing the foundation for future success in mathematics.

Stepping Stones 2.0 teaches math concepts by building understanding through language and discourse, powerful visual models and engaging activities that foster student thinking. The curriculum is organized to drive connections between and across concepts. The newly released program received green ratings from, an independent nonprofit committed to ensuring all students have access to high-quality instructional materials. EdReports publishes free reviews of K–12 instructional materials, using an educator-led approach that measures standards alignment, usability and other quality criteria.

In its review of Stepping Stones 2.0, the educator-reviewers at EdReports said the program meets expectations for rigor and balance and practice-content connections and helps students develop procedural skills, fluency and application. Continuing, the reviewers said the instructional materials develop procedural skills and fluencies throughout grade levels, providing opportunities to formally practice procedural skills through practice problem sets that follow the units. To read EdReports’ complete review of Stepping Stones 2.0, go to stones-20-2022

“Young learners come to school with a positive view of mathematics. Too often, school math becomes a chore and students lose engagement. Stepping Stones 2.0 helps teachers guide their students towards success in math with a coherent and deliberate approach. Our spaced learning model with ongoing reinforcement and connected content builds long-term learning, which is even more important when we consider the impact of the pandemic,” said Sara Delano Moore, Ph.D., Vice President, Content and Research, ORIGO Education. “We appreciate the work of the educator reviewers at EdReports in recognizing the ways that Stepping Stones 2.0 supports teachers to achieve these goals.”

In addition to the positive review by EdReports, a recent independent study conducted by the American Institutes for Research indicates that Stepping Stones has a statistically significant impact on student achievement, validating the power of the program’s approach. ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 provides teachers with resources to prepare, teach, and encourage their students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math with every lesson. Students have access to a variety of visual tools for learning mathematics and a Student Journal, in both the print and digital versions, guides their thinking with interactive tools that bring learning to life. Embedded assessments provide data to inform instruction and measure growth, helping teachers to make datadriven decisions.

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