Num Fu

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The all new, four, Num Fu apps fully engage young students in practicing basic math skills. Number fact mastery is a foundational skill that all other math tasks are built on. Perfect for school or home practice on the go!

This new series of math education apps, developed by ORIGO Education provides essential practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts in an appropriate developmental sequence. The teaching rationale stems from decades of research on how children best learn basic facts.

Num Fu’s teaching strategy stems from research that highlights the importance of mastering the basic facts. By definition, basic facts are the simplest calculations that most people are expected to know automatically, including up to 9 + 9 and 9 x 9 and their subtraction and division counterparts. These basic facts form the foundation for calculating with greater numbers. “We designed Num Fu with the intent of creating solutions to two common problems that parents and teachers experience,” said James Burnett, president of ORIGO Education. “First, the functional problem of creating another way for kids to practice math facts, and second, how to transform that practice into an engaging and fun experience. With Num Fu, kids have a fun, interactive way to develop math skills right from their mobile device.”


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