K-5 Math Intervention Resources Package

Grades K-5
Price starts at $1,700 per package
About this product

ORIGO’s K-5 Math Intervention Package delivers elementary math curriculum, supplemental resources, and professional learning that addresses the needs of Grades K-5 learners.

This intervention package is a perfect solution for Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions as well as summer school and includes:

  • 60-90 Minute Virtual Professional Learning Session that allows you to choose a session based on specific content needs or emphasis on implementing one of these intervention resources.
  • Mathementals resource that develops your students’ range of mental strategies with activities that offer a balance of guided instruction and essential written practice.
  • ORIGOmath resource which utilizes a wide range of visual models and appropriate practice to solidify foundational understanding and mastery in all aspects of number sense and computation.
  • Fundamentals resource that delivers activities and games for developing mental computation strategies, provide fun, motivating experiences that actively engage students as they consolidate and practice their computation strategies.
  • The Book and Box of Fact Strategies resource designed to help teachers improve their students’ computational fluency with a comprehensive collection of digital and print engagement activities.
  • Mathematics for Young Minds resource contains activities are designed to provide young children mathematical experiences rich in concrete materials, focused on language development, and including minimal direct instruction.
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