Box of Facts

The Box of Facts is a collection of ready-made visual aids to assist teachers in developing students to develop mathematics thinking strategies for basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The use of these visual aids reinforces student practice of the basic facts with larger numbers.

The math strategies chosen for The Box of Facts are efficient, effective, and extensively researched in how students learn best.

Packaged in a practical, durable poly box with carry handle, The Box of Facts is intended to be used in conjunction with the lesson activities in The Book of Facts series that assists teachers in preparing their lessons. As a ready-made resource, teachers are save large amounts of time in preparation.

Addition and Subtraction ready-made visual resources are included in one kit recommended for grades 1-2. Likewise, Multiplication and Division are included together in a separate kit recommended for grades 3-4.

Many users of this resource have used this for enhancement of basic fact instruction with any math program. While others have used The Box of Facts for Title I, Intervention, and Summer School programs.

Each kit includes:

  • 200+ laminated cards packaged by strategy
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the cards

The video to the right shows a short demo of the bridge-to-ten card from the Box of Facts, in action. For more Professional Learning videos like this, see ORIGO Mathed.

Educator Testimonial

“The Box of Facts is just what we needed for basic fact strategy instruction. The cards provide a visual model that helps students connect hands on activities to more abstract thinking strategies.  Students have explained that they thought through a near doubles fact by picturing the double domino card in their mind and adding one more red dot.” 

Vickie Bohidar
Title I Math Specialist

Hopkins Elementary School
Richmond, VA 23234


Box of Facts

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