Computation Games and Strategies Grades 1-5

Fundamentals grades 1-5 provides over 200 mathematical number games that develop students’ ability to calculate mentally through pairs and small groupings. The games improve student discourse, problem-solving abilities and encourage appropriate mathematical language.

Through game practice students increase their fluency of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.

Each book includes:

  • 40 games (including variations and extensions)
  • 28 reproducible blackline resources
  • Research base for each game
  • Tips for bringing out the mathematics before, during, and after each game

Digital Alternative

Fundamentals is also offered as an online digital resource of ready-made resources called Fundamentals Gameboards. The digital option provides teachers and students with access to each game at all grade levels K-6, making it the perfect differentiation choice.

Fundamentals Gameboards are available as a supplemental resource and are also included in the ORIGO Stepping Stones Core Program K-5.

Educator Testimonial

This isn’t just a book of math games. The games are wonderful for developing and practicing mental math strategies, but my favorite part of the book is the Before, During, After the Game page. This page helps me to introduce the game in a way that directly connects it to a strategy, helps me know what I should be looking for while the students are playing and even has suggestions for how to structure a wrap up discussion to help the students process the math involved in the game.

Vickie Bohidar
Title I Math Specialist
Hopkins Elementary School
Richmond, VA 23234



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