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Countdown to the Holidays: Simple Math Activities for the Last Week of School!

The holiday season is upon us, and the excitement in the air is palpable! As we approach the last week before the much-anticipated break, it’s always hard to keep the energy levels high and the learning engaging. As a thank you for all you do as educators, here are some free math activities and downloadable’s that you can use in your classroom to make math FUN right before the holidays!

Adventures in Mathematics, 25 Days of Math Activities!
Enjoy these 25 FREE downloadable math activities from ORIGO Education resources including The Book and Box of Fact Strategies and Fundamentals.

Games & Activities Book
A collection of math games and activities for K-6!! Free downloadable sheets that are great for whole group, small group, or independent work!

ORIGO Big Books
ORIGO Big Books are engaging large-format math story books designed to develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding by stimulating discussion on specific concepts from the Pre-K to Grade 2 core curriculum. Here is one of our favorites to use in your Grade K Classroom!

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Break! Happy Holidays from ORIGO!

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