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Focus on Fractions Activities Grades 1–6

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Grade 1 – Activities on Fractions – Matching Fractions

Matching Fractions Grade 1
Grade 2 – Activities on Fractions – Working with Fractions

Screen Shot 2019 02 21 At 10.19.09 Pm

Grade 3 – Activities on Fractions –  Fraction Fill Up

Screen Shot 2019 02 21 At 10.20.57 Pm

Grade 4 – Activities on Fractions –  Finding Fractions Game (calculating unit fractions)

Screen Shot 2019 02 21 At 10.22.34 Pm

Grade 5 – Activities on Fractions –  Fractions Facts Game (calculating fractions)

Screen Shot 2019 02 21 At 10.23.59 Pm

Grade 6 – Activities on Fractions –  Fraction Target Game (multiplying fractions)

Fraction Target Multiplying Fractions


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