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Grades K-2 About this product

DecaCards K-2 is a classroom math visual aid and teacher activity resource for teaching place value that is based on a familiar and powerful representation of ten: fingers.

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Designed to help young students in Grades K-2 see ten as 10 ones or 1 ten, and to further develop an understanding of two-, three-, and four-digit numbers, the DecaCards K-2 Kit includes:

  • 400 laminated cards (50 x 50 mm) showing finger representations of each number from 0–9
  • 300 laminated cards (50 x 50 mm) each showing finger representations of 10
  • 20 laminated strips (600 x 80 mm) each showing 100
  • 6 laminated charts (600 x 600 mm) each showing 1000
  • Teacher instructions for lesson planning using DecaCards
  • 10 sample lessons
  • Durable storage box

Click HERE to view a DecaCards Sample

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