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Congratulations Danielle Dudo, ORIGO’s Teacher of the Month for August 2021

Danielle Dudo a fourth-grade teacher at Newell Elementary School, Grand Island Public School District is the ORIGO Education Teacher of the Month for August 2021.

Danielle, who has been with the Grand Island Public School District for over 15 years is a highly qualified individual with a collection of qualifications to her name including an undergrad at the University of Nebraska Kearney, a Masters degree from the Doane University, and a Mathematics Specialist Certificate from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Danielle’s extensive expertise in education and clear passion for mathematics are shown through Danielle’s work as a teacher as well as her taking part in a Math Task Force group which she has been a part of for 14 years.

“The passion for maths runs in my family,” Danielle said.

“My brother is also a maths teacher and our father instilled a positive maths identity on us from a young age.

“It’s something that I have always looked at as fun, and with my father being a roofer and using maths through measurements and other work-related needs, it was something we always spoke about growing up and it was very easy for us to understand it’s real work application.”

As a self-proclaimed ‘maths geek’, Danielle beams with enthusiasm as she talks about maths, and her genuine love for the subject is obvious to all.

“I love seeing the lightbulb moment in kids when they finally understand the problem,” said Danielle.

“I believe all children are capable of learning mathematics and I make it my mission to get children to enjoy maths and have a positive maths identity and relationship to numbers.”

Danielle’s dedication to her mission has led her to continue to seek out education for herself in order to better understand how students think so she can adapt her lessons to help them more fully.

“I love teaching elementary children because this is when they are forming their opinions of math and it’s my responsibility to create that foundation of joy, so they grow up without a fear of mathematics.

“I love using the ORIGO Think Tanks in my classroom as they offer multiple problem types, different levels and I think children get the most value when they can teach each other and engage in mathematical discourse. It makes it fun for them.”

ORIGO Education would like to congratulate Danielle on the well-deserved recognition as the ORIGO Education Teacher of the Month, and thank her for her contribution and love towards mathematics.

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Starting in January 2021, ORIGO Education will recognize a teacher every month in our newsletter and website. The teacher selected will be recognized from the Stepping Stones Pre-K through Grade 6 family of educators. We are looking for educators to share a story, activity or tip that has made an impact in their classroom. Click here to learn more.

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