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Congratulations Melanie Bagshaw, ORIGO’s Teacher of the Month for July 2021

The ORIGO Education Teacher of the Month for July 2021 is Melanie Bagshaw from Springwoods Elementary School in Prince William County, VA.

For over 11 years, Melanie has been a 4th grade teacher at her school and her love of teaching math has been evident from the beginning. For the first eight years of her career, Melanie taught as a team with other teachers, tackling the math and science subjects while the other teachers would handle language and arts. Melanie Bagshaw Teacher Of The Month2

Melanie first graduated with an International Relations degree, but possibly from the influence of her grandmother and mother, both teachers, she went back to school at George Mason University to get an education degree with the intention to teach internationally. In 2001, she started her teaching career in Hungary, before moving to England to teach, and then finally coming back to the United States and settling in Prince William County.

Melanie, who has used ORIGO Stepping Stones for over two years, found herself needing to teach innovatively over the past year when she was required to teach virtually during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I taught virtually over 2020, only returning to the classroom in February this year,” Melanie said.

“It was like everyone was starting over and learning how to teach and learn together to get through the pandemic. I learned a lot of new ways to use Stepping Stones, specifically the Flare tool which was very helpful.”

Melanie’s strength in mathematics teaching has been noticed by all when she was recently promoted to the Math Specialist. With her new role, she will assist with co-teaching in some F–5 classrooms allowing her the opportunity to share her experience and wisdom.

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Melanie has a true passion for mathematics education. She has always loved and sought out professional learning, seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge through blogs, online forums, webinars, and events. Most inspiring of all, she has also started speaking at professional learning events. She spoke at the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (VCTM) and will also be holding a session at the ORIGO Education Camp Stepping Stones held on the 13 to the 15th of July.

“I don’t have a background in math, it is simply a passion,” said Melanie.

“Most people don’t understand the creativity that goes into math, but the diversity of the subject keeps me inspired, and creative.”

ORIGO Education congratulates Melanie on the well-deserved award.

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Starting in January 2021, ORIGO Education will recognize a teacher every month in our newsletter and website. The teacher selected will be recognized from the Stepping Stones Pre-K through Grade 6 family of educators. We are looking for educators to share a story, activity or tip that has made an impact in their classroom. Click here to learn more.

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