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Congratulations Pam and Lisa, ORIGO’s Teachers of the Month for May 2021

With 11 years of combined experience in the classroom, Miss Pam (Teacher), and Miss Lisa (Teacher’s Assistant) are a dynamic duo who together make one exceptional teaching team. It is for this reason that ORIGO Education is thrilled to announce them as the joint recipients of the ORIGO Education Teacher of the Month award for May 2021.

Miss Pam, Teacher

Miss Pam, Teacher

Pre-K (Early Learning) is an integral part of a child’s education. Early childhood education provides children with social and cognitive experiences that help them develop a positive attitude to education and assists to drive their academic success. And this is something that is very evident in Miss Pam and Miss Lisa’s classroom.

“Teaching three- to five-year-olds is extremely rewarding,” said Miss Lisa. “You can really see how your work is helping them”.

“There is a markable difference,” Miss Pam agreed. “Sometimes even month to month there is a notable change, and that sort of instant type feedback from the students is so rewarding.”

With the challenges experienced in the classroom over the past 18 months, their students’ progress is a huge testament to both Miss Pam and Miss Lisa who are still teaching some remotely.

Based at Glassboro Head Start, Miss Pam and Miss Lisa have 17 students, ten in person and seven virtually.

“We do concurrent learning,” Miss Lisa explained. “I hold the iPad during Miss Pam’s instructions to try and make the children feel like they are there during circle time. At the moment we are identifying letters, have productive playtime and teaching the months of the year.”

Miss Lisa - Teacher's Assistant

Miss Lisa – Teacher’s Assistant

“2020 and 2021 has proved to be challenging,” Miss Pam continued. “We start our formal lessons at 10am both in person and virtually and at the beginning of the year we were only able to hold the attention span of our students for a few minutes of engagement.

“Now we are able to hold their attention for the day’s lessons and up to 20 minutes at a time. It really has been an incredible improvement.”

Outside of work, Miss Pam and Miss Lisa have a great friendship and their mutual respect is evident in the classroom and through their seamless style of teaching.

ORIGO Education congratulates them for together winning the ORIGO Education Teacher of the Month award!

About Glassboro Head Start
Glassboro Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Head Start programs provide a learning environment that supports children’s growth in the following domains: language and literacy; cognition and general knowledge; physical development and health; social and emotional development; and approaches to learning. Head Start programs provide comprehensive services to enrolled children and their families, which include health, nutrition, social, and other services determined to be necessary by family needs assessments, in addition to education and cognitive development services. Head Start services are designed to be responsive to each child and family’s ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage. Head Start emphasizes the role of parents as their child’s first and most important teacher. Head Start programs build relationships with families that support: family well-being and positive parent-child relationships; families as learners and lifelong educators; family engagement in transitions; family connections to peers and community; and families as advocates and leaders.

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